10 Worst Gardening Mistakes You May Be Making

    The worst mistake you can make in a garden is one that leads to the death of your plant, decreased production, poor tasting fruit, or your own feelings of disappointment.

    I made this list by thinking back on my own experiences and some of the reasons that my own plants have done poorly or just died. But don’t think that making one of these mistakes means you should give up on your plants. Usually, you can turn things around by fixing the mistake for the remainder of the growing season.

    Still, among the worst mistakes, some are worse than others. So listed here from least horrible to most terrible are the worst gardening mistakes you can make.


    Weeds are competition for the plants in your garden. Most weeds are most adapted to stressors that kill other plants. Stressors that their presence creates, like competition for nutrients and water.

    Applying a thick layer of mulch around your plants will help prevent weeds from sprouting by blocking sunlight. You’ll still need to pull any that do make it through, but there will be far fewer weeds when you apply a thick layer of mulch.

    Mulching also helps the soil retain water and protects your plants from harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can splatter up on them from the soil. The type of mulch you use is up to you: plastic, paper, straw, and compost are common choices. Want to see number #9? Go next page to see more …

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