10 Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s

    10. McDonald’s Started Out Selling Hot Dogs

    In the 1930s, brothers Richard “Dick” and Maurice “Mac” McDonald took out a $5,000 loan and started the worldwide corporation which we know today as McDonald’s. Originally, their restaurant in Monrovia, California, was called the Airdrome, and the menu mainly focused on hot dogs. In 1940, they moved their operation to San Bernardino and changed its name to McDonald’s Barbecue, but over the next several years, it still didn’t have the success that the boys were hoping for.

    In 1948, the restaurant was temporarily shut down while they regrouped ideas and money and was reopened as the McDonald’s we know today. The menu was simplified and focused on the burgers, fries, and milkshakes that are still familiar today. The assembly line process still used today was adopted from car manufacturers and was called the “Speedee System.” This was the beginning of the restaurant chain that set the standard for the fast food industry. Want to see number #9? Go next page to see more …

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